laser installation

photo: Phil Wilson

commissioned by Radar, Loughborough University Arts
Computer programming : Ken Furudate

[ group exhibition ]
2012. 6. 4 - 7. 4
"AfterGold", Radar, Loughborough University / U.K.

silence: Shiro Takatani 120604 from shiro takatani on Vimeo.

English / Japanese

The laser beam projects various words of prayer such as Buddhism, Christian, Navajo, India, Celtic oral tradition, 13th century Sufi mystic, ancient Sanskrit scripture, etc…, onto the wall 360 degrees around in the room with voiceless voice in the still of the space.
This artwork was created for the exhibition "AfterGold" presented by Radar, Loughborough University in U.K. in 2012.

"AfterGold aimed to use the London 2012 Olympics and the presence in Loughborough of teams from Great Britain and Japan as an opportunity to begin an on-going investigation into notions of value. 
AfterGold was conceived by Momus and takes as its premise that -- whether we're chasing gold medals or gold coins -- there comes a point where we've achieved all we can competitively, and the focus shifts to what we'll do after sporting or commercial success, and why we'll do it. This theme links Britain and Japan, as societies which have been highly successful as trading nations and are now shifting to post-industrial and service economies. The question is essentially one of values: what do we do -- and who do we become -- after we've supposedly won at life?" ( - - - extract from the Radar website.)


2012年、Radar (Loughborough University、イギリス)主催の展覧会「AfterGold」のために制作された。